“There is so much depth to Harvest of Rubies that readers will happily drown in its message of God's unfailing love and mercy, while diving headfirst into the captivating plot and precarious romance... This is a great read!”

~ Bookreporter.com

Harvest of Rubies: Book 1 in Harvest Series, by Tessa Afshar

Finalist for the 2013 ECPA Christian Book Award, Fiction (formerly known as the Gold Medallion)

Sarah, the prophet Nehemiah’s cousin, is Senior Scribe to the Queen of Persia – the only woman to have held such an important post in the Persian Empire. A genius who is more at home with scrolls and accounts than with people, Sarah finds her worth in her achievements.

After solving a particularly thorny plot, she loses the job that is at the center of her life, and finds herself married to a man who despises her. Through the heartache of loss, Sarah discovers the joys of friendship and the peace of God. To her astonishment, she learns that she has something to offer that is worth far beyond her ability with languages and sums. Her very being proves a blessing to others.

Can she win the heart of her stubborn aristocratic husband, whom she has grown to love?


“Afshar brings readers biblical fiction with mysterious twists and turns… that fascinate and claim the reader’s full attention. The story will have you laughing and crying.”

-Romantic Times Top Pick

“…The Bible’s ancient Near Eastern context is the setting for an engaging story of pluck, friendship, and faith… Afshar’s story… [introduces] readers to a lovable heroine whose good heart wins out over bumbling ways to prove a boon to others, too.”

-Publishers Weekly

“History comes alive… a novel with true, deep worth…beautifully written, with a sigh-worthy romantic thread…”

-Five stars from over 125 reviewers at Amazon.com