The Rested Soul: 30 Meditations to Quiet Your Heart

Cultivate a well-loved, rested soul.

Are you feeling overwhelmed as anxiety and discouragement pound at the door of your heart? Do you long to find solace and safety?

Author Tessa Afshar has been there. Dipping into the lessons she learned from battling with anxiety in her own life, she takes you on a 30-day devotional journey that helps to cultivate a rested soul.

Full of inspiration found in ordinary moments, Tessa shows you how to remove the impediments that stand in the way of a quiet heart. These deep reflections are accompanied by beautiful images (photography by Tessa’s husband).

Exhale, heal, and find rest in God. Tessa brings you into your hope-filled, joy-infused life in Jesus. In Him, our hearts find quiet, calm, and comfort. In Him, we have favor, authority, and strength. In Jesus, we find the Rested Soul.

Whatever your struggle, I want you to know there is a way through this. I pray that in the pages of these devotions you will find a peaceful oasis in the midst of your wilderness.


The Rested Soul belongs on every nightstand or coffee table reminding you that you never go through life alone. Jesus knows, He cares and He is carrying you.”

Erica Wiggenhorn, National speaker with Aspire Women’s Events and author of Letting God Be Enough: Why Striving Keeps You Stuck

“. . . to fully experience and know His great love for you, please pick up this book. God will meet you through the text that is so thoughtfully and powerfully compiled along with such lovely pictures.”

Jennifer A Chapman, Founder and President, Mastering Motherhood